Life works better if…

17 01 2011

January!  The month of resolutions, diets, and disappointments.  Only the T of my SMART goals is still relevant – Timed-out!  And it is only half way through the month.  But I have a plan. 

“Life works better if you live it God’s way.” 

I will investigate this.  It’s not too specific, not too measurable, who knows if it’s achievable, definitely relevant – and I will give myself a year to try it out.  Here’s the plan:-

  1. I will be specific and limit “God” – mmm, I’ll come back to that one – to the God of the Bible
  2. I will read the Bible to find out if it tells me “God’s way”
  3. This will only be achievable if I read a little each day (that may not be every day)*
  4. I will endeavor to make changes to my life so that I do life God’s way
  5. I will tell you how I’m getting on.  It might be relevant to more than just me, and you may will need to help me.

So, now I’ve told you, I suppose I’d better get started…once I’ve had a cup of tea, checked my e-mail, phoned a friend…

*Lots of people are better at planning than I am, so I’m piggy-backing on a Bible reading plan (January to March) that someone else has thought out.  You can check out the full programme, including readings, podcasts, comments and much more at WordLive.  Want to join me?




3 responses

17 01 2011
Peter Short

WordLive looks a cool way to implement your plan… I guess the danger is of allowing the plan to become an end in itself rather than a means to an end. The end ‘Life works better when you live God’s way’ is uncomfortable because it is ‘counter’ everything – and involves change. Maybe it’s time for a wager of faith…

18 01 2011
Judy Short

Yip. Point taken. Maybe I should take out the tick boxes from my reading plan! I’m not expecting this to be easy.

2 02 2011
If you’re happy and you know it « moses supposes

[…] a great example of life working better when we live it God’s […]

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