If you’re happy and you know it

2 02 2011

Last week BBC Breakfast issued a Happiness Challenge with the help of a new charity called Action for Happiness. David Sillito spent the week in Scarborough exploring whether or not we can make ourselves happier with a few simple daily actions.

He began by exploring the question, “Can we affect our happiness?” and found that the things that we think affect our happiness – where we live, what we have, what we earn – tend to have much less impact than we’d expect.  He found out that

We have the opportunity to make ourselves and others happier by the way we approach our lives and the actions we choose to take.

And here are the actions that the volunteers were encouraged to try –

The guys at Action for Happiness acknowledge that this is not new.  Here’s Happiness God’s way

It’s a great example of life working better when we live it God’s way.

For further reading about happiness, check out Martin Seligman’s great book.




3 responses

2 02 2011
Peter Short

Love it!
Thanks for adding to my HQ (Happiness Quotient)

2 02 2011
Judy Short

My pleasure!

4 04 2011
Stock take « moses supposes

[…] some actions that I have taken to implement my learning.  I have used the three headings from my Happiness post to guide […]

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