6 02 2011

I have discovered that one of the wonders of blogging is that you can take a wee sidetrack here and there without losing the plot.  According to the Free Dictionary to be sidetracked is “to deviate from the main course or issue,”  but that’s not always a bad thing.  The view on the journey is better than the destination…or whatever the wise man said. 


So, although my main line is to contemplate (and live) a life that’s aligned to God’s way, the sidelines that this sparks are necessarily integrated into what I write.

If you’re following my progress along the WordLive calendar, you might think that I am way behind.  In fact, I’m up to date with the reading but my comments are a bit slower.  Still, it’s off to look at the life of Jesus soon – just one more post before that – and hopefully I’ll stay on the main line until the calendar and comments come together again.




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