Haud your wheesht!

11 02 2011

Haud your wheesht! was one of my Granny’s favourite sayings and it inevitably rang out when my brother and I were having fun, or trying to kill each other.  Granny wanted to say something or wanted us to do something and we were ignoring her and making a noise.  Even when we were quiet, there was much poking in the ribs and pulling of faces.  We didn’t care what Granny was saying, unless sweets were involved, and we didn’t want to do what she wanted us to do on principle.

Have you been there with your Granny?

Have you been there with God?

Bill Hybels excellent little booklet reminded me the other day that,

“It makes no sense to believe that God lost his voice at the end of the first century. If the essence of Christianity is a personal relationship between the almighty God and individual human beings, it stands to reason that God still speaks to believers today.” 

So why don’t I hear him?

Sometimes I’m not listening; sometimes I have no intention of doing what God says.  I need a lesson from Granny – haud your wheesht!  Listening with intent…that’s the first step.

Bill again, “[God] is more wonderful than you can imagine, and he is attempting to communicate with you more often than you know.”




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