Your des res

20 02 2011

I watched the BBC Human Planet episode about Rainforests this week.  You really have to see it to believe it.  Never was the addage, “Take care how you build,” more appropriate.  Click now and be amazed (unless you are from Health and Safety).

The day I watched it, I also read Jesus warning in Luke 6:46-49 about careless building of, what I’ll call, a “life-house”.  His story details the catastrophe that waits for those who are duplicitous, who call him “Lord” and who won’t do what he says.  He calls on his followers to get their priorities right…to take care how they build. 

Health and Safety warning – it’s all very well thinking of Jesus as a great teacher, guide, example, storyteller or whatever; it’s all very well  having a des res life-house, but if we don’t listen to him, such that we make changes to our lives, we’re heading for a crash.




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