How does your garden grow?

25 02 2011

I know a thing or two about weeds – and these are my own personal ones.

They grow

  • profically
  • where you don’t want them to
  • without encouragement
  • to the detriment of other plants

and I could go on, but the picture probably speaks for itself.

The weeds are the repetitive story of my allotment.  But there was some fruit last year too, though it was not always predictable.  Summer fruiting raspberries kept going until November, runner beans ran up and over and back down their supports, and Swiss chard (say it in a whisper because the family thinks it’s spinach) just kept coming.  Oh, and potatoes that I thought I had dug out the year before reappeared in all sorts of odd places.

My plot is next to the “designer plot” of the site – beautifully manicured and eternally productive.  My neighbour spends hours each day tending the soil, the crops, the compost.  I feel totally inadequate as a fruit and veg producer, and I am tempted to tie apples on the barren trees  or to buy some pristine veg and leave it outside my shed (bags and labels removed) to look impressive. I suppose if I’m to be really successful I need to plan better and make a continuing  investment of time, energy and patience.

Jesus’ teaching about fruit-bearing makes a lot of sense.




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