Do you have something for the human condition?

26 03 2011

Cartoon: Mel Calman

I wonder if this question is one that the people in Rome had asked Paul.  He certainly paints a vivid picture of the human condition.

Now, scholars, critics and preachers have spent long hours in studying and explaining what Paul was saying, so I probably shouldn’t try to add my pennyworth.  However…

I kinda liked this graphical presentation that I came across, so I’ll stick with the line drawings and see where we go.


God is the Creator of the world and of mankind.  God wears the crown and humanity’s place is to live in, and rule, God’s world under God’s loving authority.

We read about this in Genesis chapter 1 and Paul talks about it in Romans 1:19-20, adding that there is no excuse for not living this way.  However, he’s clear that everything is very obviously not right—with us or the world. (Romans 1:25)

So what’s gone wrong?  Paul explains –

Mankind has swapped the truth about God for a lie and has taken the crown that was rightfully God’s.  We prefer to follow our own desires, and to run things our own way, without God.  It’s my way all the way.

And the result?

God cares enough about humanity to take our rebellion seriously and he calls us to account for our actions.  It matters how we treat him and other people, and he will not allow us to rebel for ever.  His judgement is to withdraw; Paul says, “God abandoned them…” and later on comes the stark warning – “Work hard for sin your whole life and your pension is death.” (Romans 6:23 – The Message)

The human condition is bleak.




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