Hopeful vomiting

2 04 2011

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Have you ever been in a place of deep darkness?  A place of fear, or despair; a place of hopelessness or isolation?  It may be painful to go back there, but try to for a moment and see if you can pull up feelings that will help you identify with Jonah.

Jonah finds himself inside a fish.  That sounds pretty desperate, but in a sense the fish rescues Jonah from the storm and provides a placeholder, a live pause, an opportunity to re-evaluate, and realign his life with what God wants of him.

Hear Jonah’s despair – “I cried out to the Lord in my great trouble…from the land of the dead… I sank down…I sank beneath the waves… I sank down…I was imprisoned… my life was slipping away…”


But listen for the note of hope – “I remembered the Lord, and my earnest prayer went out to you.”

Jonah has a sea change of heart, recognising God’s saving power, and vowing to go God’s way.  The fish has served it’s purpose and vomits Jonah on to the beach.


Now I am deeply discouraged, but I will remember you.” (Psalm 42:6) 




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