Stock take

4 04 2011

My dictionary defines a stock take as, “a reassessment of one’s current situation, progress, prospects etc.” 

So here’s my first quarterly reassessment.

My intention was to read a bit of the Bible everyday, following the WordLive reading plan, and to try to discover God’s way.  Then the tricky part – not just find out, but to live it.

My current situation is that I have read all the sections of the Bible laid out in the reading plan for January to March.  I have read most of them on the allocated date; two have been completed in catch up slots.  This has not been too difficult to do and I would say that it has become embedded in my life.

The prospects are good.  I will continue with the reading plan April to June and will hopefully find that what I have just said about embedding is true!

What about my progress?  Here are some actions that I have taken to implement my learning.  I have used the three headings from my Happiness post to guide me.

  1. Be mindful – I have done this by reading each day and thinking  enough to write my posts.  I have created little reminders (fridge magnets, bookmarks) to do just that – remind me of what I have learnt.  I have also started to carry a wooden holding cross in my coat pocket so that, as I walk, I hold it and remember that God is with me and with those I interact with through the day.
  2. Be grateful – I try to start each day with an “attitude of gratitude”.  I haven’t done so well on this.  Overall I need to up the ante here and curb the moaning that so easily creeps in. 
  3. Be kind – You will need to ask my friends and family how well I’ve done on this one.  What I will say is that I have made positive choices to be kind and do things for others at times when I would rather not have bothered.  So, kindness, though maybe not from the purest of motives.   This is becoming more of a way of life than it was at the beginning of the year.

Other key things I am learning –

  • There is a God…and it is not me; if he wears the crown, I don’t
  • I am not the star of the show
  • God expects me to play a part in answering my prayers
  • Encounters with Jesus are life-changing, life-affirming, and all encompassing

Walk on.  Live well.




One response

6 04 2011
Peter Short

Thanks for this post… I think you are great at reflecting on things
Since I probably count as a friend maybe I can give you some useful feedback – though whether this ever sees a wider audience is for you to decide!
I hope you know I am your number one fan. I think you are terrific – but I think I have observed real growth in you over the past few months.
I’m not sure how to describe the changes – a centreness – a lightness of step – a quiet dogged determination – a mellowness – a move outward – and a joy. It’s lovely. So whatever is going on – don’t stop.

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