Together is power

13 04 2011

My son has a disability which means he can’t ride a bike but my husband used to ride a tandem with him so that he could still participate in family cycling trips.  There would often be an exchange like this one –

“Are you pedalling?”

“Yes, Dad.”  (Wave to the gallery – walkers, other cyclists, dogs; nominal pedalling)

“Come on, we need to catch up with your Mum.”

“Turbo, Dad!”  (Pressure on the rear pedals, increased pace, whizz past Mum.)

If you have ever ridden a tandem you will know that being on the back is an altogether different experience from riding at the front.  You have pedals and handle bars, but you can’t steer; nor can you really see where you are going.  You have to trust the person in front.  If you are the front rider, it’s hard work when the person behind turns the pedals without any force on them or wobbles about.  The best ride is when the two work together.

It seems to me that life is a lot like being the back rider.  I can’t really see where I’m going, I can’t steer, I need to trust the one up front.  But I can contribute…and enjoy.

I remembered about Team Hoyt as I was writing – take a few minutes to watch and I’ll save what I was writing for another time.





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