Do you get it?

22 04 2011

This is a common sight – on TV screens, the internet, smart phones.  It must be scary enough to be in the crowd, but unbelievably awful to be the one whose name is being chanted…”But the mob shouted louder and louder, demanding that Jesus be crucified, and their voices prevailed.” (Luke 23:23)

Those who  anticipated freedom from the oppression of the Romans were angry when Jesus, who had announced the imminent new kingdom, was arrested and tried for treason.  They would rather have a convicted insurrectionist freed than allow Jesus to get away with disappointing them.

The Roman governor, Pilate, certainly didn’t want to stand in the mob’s way even although he couldn’t agree with their accusations.

And these crowds weren’t the only ones who just didn’t know what to make of Jesus.  The religious leaders were threatened by him because he spoke with a new authority and clearly challenged their traditions. They were puzzled because they could see truth, indeed truth about themselves, in what he said.  They joined the mob in wanting him dead.

Even Jesus’ closest followers didn’t get it.  When Jesus explained to them about his upcoming suffering, as they shared the last Passover together, the disciples argued about who would get celebrity status.

The ones who did get it were the unlikely individuals in the margins – the man with leprosy, a Roman officer who was supposed to be “the enemy”, a widow and her son, women who were so committed to Jesus that they gave financial help, a blind man, the tax collector Zac, and…




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