King of the Jews – ha ha!

22 04 2011

In 1971 a youthful long-haired Andrew Lloyd Webber launched the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.  One of the most catchy tunes is Herod’s Song.  (Click the pic to listen on Youtube – but beware, the song will stay in your head!)

OK, so it’s not exactly a historical representation of Herod. (Check out the story in Luke 23:8-12) but the persistence of the tune in my head draws me into the scene.  Catch the tone – the mockery, the humiliation, the silence of the accused.

And now the painful question – do I mock Jesus like that?

Mockery can take many forms – my prayers that demand that God acts in the way that I think he should; my lack of prayer when life is going well; the posture of my heart that is arms-folded-across-my-chest in disobedience; the unwillingness to help someone even if it won’t inconvenience me; my persistent opinion that I am right. 

Add your own now.




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