The power of calm

8 06 2011

We have had this fabulous Colin Prior photograph – The Point of Stoer – on our bedroom wall for a number of years.  I love it – the sea with its power, beauty and unpredictability.

This picture was just in my line of sight as I read Job chapter 26:12 when he speaks about God –

“By his power the sea grew calm.”

I had to re-read the sentence.  I think of power as stirring up rather than calming down…”By his power the sea grew calm.”

It reminded me of reading in Luke about Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee – “Jesus rebuked the wind and the raging waves. The storm stopped and all was calm.” (Luke 7:24)  But Jesus doesn’t end there.  He adds the searching question to his followers –

“Where is your faith?”

And I’m left with that question to answer – where is my faith?  If God could calm these physical storms by his power, is he not just as able to calm the storms that I face, in whatever form they come?

Flick back a couple of chapters to Job 23.  Here I think we get insight into Job’s faith – the power of God in his life –

“For I have stayed on God’s paths;
      I have followed his ways and not turned aside.
  I have not departed from his commands,
      but have treasured his word in my heart.”


“Be still…and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)




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