Step up!

27 06 2011

Do you know this feeling?  You have been climbing a ladder, quite successfully, when something happens that raises the question –  “Is my successful ladder up against the wrong wall?”

I’m guessing here, but I wonder if that’s what Simon Peter and Saul experienced. 

Simon Peter was a successful fisherman, but he left it behind to follow Jesus.  He was close to him and had taken a lead amongst the disciples – surely his ladder was up against the right wall now?  Then disaster –  Peter denied that he had ever known Jesus and then Jesus died before he could put things right.  He had just begun to adapt to that, when the plug was pulled again – the risen Jesus appeared to him and commissioned him to tell his story to others.  And the fishing?  (Check it out here.)

Saul had his life sussed – top level religious leader, A* from the university of Gamaliel, chief persecutor of Christians – when his plug was pulled.  Saul had the Damascus Road experience that raised a question mark over everything and altered his dreams of success.

What was the “Aha moment” for both of them?  It was an encounter with Jesus, an experience so profound that they had to realign their lives completely and step up to what he wanted them to do.  And they both got a name change (Simon –> Peter; Saul–> Paul) so that they would have a constant reminder of their change of direction.


I found this clip the other day.  It reminded me that it’s not just Bible characters who get to meet with Jesus and have their lives transformed.




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