Behind the curve

6 07 2011

My intention at the beginning of the year was to read a bit of the Bible everyday, following the WordLive reading plan, and to try to discover God’s way.  Then the tricky part – not just find out, but to live it. 

I have to say that I’m a bit behind the curve at the moment.  (The bowls in the game of lawn bowls are designed to travel a curved path.  Being able to judge weight and distance and thus the amount of “curve” is essential if you are to be successful.)  Life has been busy – some planned things, some ambushes on the way.  I haven’t always been that good at judging the amount of curve.

Like all good intentions, it’s easy to stick at the “intention” point rather than to move to the “action” point.  I’m not too depressed about it though, because my bowl in not in the ditch and out of play, merely rolling a little squiffy.

    • I have actioned my intention to read a bit of the Bible every day
    • My blog posts have stalled
    • I would have been happier not to let you know this, but if you are reading my blog, you know anyway
    • There’s a lot of unprocessed stuff  orbiting in my head (apogee or perigee?)
    • It’s good to have a reality check (I’m reminded of Bob Buford’s Half Time in which he encourages the reader to maximise the second half of life)
    • I’m not giving up – here is the reading plan for July to September

You might like to check out Half Time as holiday reading – but be prepared to reassess what’s important to you.





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