Puzzled? Just trust me!

22 07 2011
This is the solution to a 12 puzzle which you can check out by clicking the image.

Ever been puzzled by Jesus?  This week there’s the 12 puzzle, the pig puzzle and the sea-sick puzzle (which I’ll tackle in reverse order in the next few posts.) 

First the 12 puzzle.  A local religious leader, Jairus, is desperate for Jesus’ help.  His twelve year old daughter is really sick and he begs Jesus to come home with him to help.  On the way, Jesus encounters a woman who has been plagued by menometrorrhagia for twelve years – she has been bleeding for as long as the little girl has been alive.  She too is desperate, although she tries not to show it.   Will Jesus issue healing when all the doctors she has consulted have failed? She creeps behind him through the throng and touches the hem of his robe.  So far so good.

But then, horror of horrors, Jesus stops and asks, “Who touched me?”  You can imagine the derision of those near him – “Everyone is jostling you, lots of people are touching you, what are you on about?”  And the woman.  It must have taken courage to push through the crowd to Jesus and now she will have to own up to what she has done -she, the untouchable, ritually unclean woman, has touched Jesus.
“When she realised that Jesus knew, she fell to her knees before him.”  Jesus doesn’t reprimand her or humiliate her; he deals kindly with her, acknowledging her faith and healing her.
Meanwhile, Jairus receives the news that his daughter has died.  We’re not told how Jairus reacted – did he weep, did he rant about Jesus taking too long with the woman, was he silent?  We are told what Jesus said – “Just trust me.” 
Tough words.
But from somewhere Jairus does that.  Amidst the mockery of the crowd, that  family have a personal experience of Jesus’ healing touch and the little girl is brought back to life.  Again, Jesus breaks the religious rules and touches someone who is unclean.  He enters fully into the shit of life to bring  wholeness.
Then Jesus makes a puzzling request – “Don’t tell anybody.  Just trust me…again.” 



One response

8 08 2011

This is just such a great story of how amazing Jesus really is. I’m going through a period now where I have to just trust Him. And although this is sometimes so difficult I find myself trusting Him everyday becomes easier and easier. Love it!

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