Direct speech

11 09 2011

“Life’s Little Instruction Book is a guidebook that gently points the way to happiness and fulfillment. The observations are direct, simple, and as practical as an umbrella.”  (So says H. Jackson Brown, Jr.’s website.)

Jackson Brown originally wrote Life’s Little Instruction book as a gift for his son who was leaving home to go to college. Brown says, ” I wanted to provide him with what I had learned about living a happy and rewarding life.”

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Here are some sample entries –

  • – Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know
  • – Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink
  • – Call your mother 

Yesterday’s Wordlive reading does something similar.  Paul is writing to Timothy, whom he regards as a son, offering him direction about how to live.  He too gets straight to the point –

  • run from evil
  • pursue a godly life
  • fight the good fight for what we believe
  • hold tightly to the eternal life God has given you
  • obey God’s commands
  • avoid godless, foolish discusssions

It’s all a far cry from the person-centred approach that is popular in our day – “What do you think would be a good idea?”  “How about trying this out and see if it works for you?”  “How would you feel about that?” – the sort of approach that lets us keep control.

The contrast is stark.  Paul commands Timothy to live a certain way.  That’s even stronger than Jackson Brown’s good advice. 

And obedience means losing the controls and letting God call the shots.




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