Where have I got to?

3 10 2011

September is the month for birthdays among my family and friends.  I lost count of how many there were…and it was great to celebrate, to have an opportunity to express love and appreciation, even if some would have preferred that we stop the tally of years!

I received a handmade card a number of years ago from a family member.  She had cut words from magazines that were things I liked, or words that she thought described me and then assembled them to make a personalised birthday card.  I treasured it – the time, love and thoughtfulness that had gone into making it as well as the finished product.


In the whizzy world of software, Wordle does the same sort of thing with words and throws out an end product somewhat like my birthday card.  (Minus time, love and thoughtfulness!)  So I thought I’d make a” three-quarters of the way through” card to celebrate my blog, and effortlessly summarise where I’ve got to over the previous nine months.  I put my blog URL into the box as instructed, and low and behold….

Wordle chooses the arrangement of the words and randomises them.  What surprised me was that there were words there that I didn’t think I’d used in my blog (I had to use the search function to find them), and ones that I thought I’d written often that didn’t feature.

That seems like a fair summary of where I’ve got to in blogging and life. 

  • I’m pleased that I have kept reading a section of the Bible each day (almost)
  • “Almost” is a qualifier that lets me off the hook in my mind, in many situations
  • some stuff that is a passing reference in the grand scheme of things takes centre stage for a while and gets out of proportion
  • values that I think are key to who I am are not always so evident to other people; I, and they, may need to trawl to find them when they should be obvious

So there we are.  Off on the last lap.

I know that Wordle can do more that I described above.  I limited it for the purpose of this post –  “Blogger’s license!”




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