12 10 2011

I came across a comment on a phrase in Luke 17:21 that helped me get a new perspective on what Jesus was saying to his early followers.  The phrase is sometimes translated as “the Kingdom of God is within you” and that suggests a private, spiritual deal with God.  I rather like that – it’s between me and God and no one need know.

However, Tom Wright points out that God’s Kingdom always refers to things that happen in the public world not in our private experience.  Mmm – snag!

So is the translation, “in your midst” any closer?  Wright says that it is, but it’s not quite there.  Here’s what he says –

“The phrase is more active.  It doesn’t just tell you where the kingdom is; it tells you that you’ve got to do something about it.  It is ‘within your grasp’; it is confronting you with a decision, the decision to believe, trust and follow Jesus.  It isn’t the sort of thing that’s just going to happen, so that you can sit back and watch.  God’s sovereign plan to put the world to rights is waiting for you to sign on.”

 So it’s decision time.

This is Tom Wright’s book.  The quote is on p.210




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