How could you do this to me?

15 10 2011

I love this story which Don Miller relates in his book To own a dragon.

‘Every evening around six, Terri would set dinner on the table, and the family would sit down to eat. And every night, almost without fail, the kids would start to whine. Unless it was chicken nuggets and French fries, there were going to be problems at dinner. One evening, Cassy, who was quite good at lobbying the family for what she wanted, lay down on the kitchen floor and rolled over in frustration about having to eat whatever it was Terri had prepared. John stood at the corner of the island in the kitchen and watched her, trying not to laugh. She twisted and turned and moaned and complained, but John stood silently, not letting her manipulate him. Finally, Cassy belted out the now famous line: “Dad, how could you do this to me?” John and I covered our mouths and looked away in hysterics…

…Looking back, it struck me how often I have wondered, sometimes out loud to God, “How could you do this to me?”…

…In the situation with Cassy, John had some choices as a father…Giving Cassy what she wanted rather than what she needed should not be confused with good parenting. If God was withholding something I wanted, it meant I could trust him rather than cry out, “How could you do this to me?”‘

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2 responses

17 10 2011
Peter Short

Hey. Thanks for your post. That’s a story to chew on all weekl Is the rest of the book as good?

17 10 2011
Moses supposes

Don lived with John and his family for 4 years and learned ‘family life’ from them, including incidents like the one in the post. His express audience is male and that explains “the simple vocabulary, short chapters, and bathroom humour.” (His words, not mine!!) I will happily lend the book to you.

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