Dart or goldfish?

3 12 2011

Are you a strategic thinker?  You see the big picture, set goals and go for it.

You hit targets, meet deadlines and have a general air of purposefulness.  180 on a daily basis.

I once had dinner a friend in late December and her opening question was, “What are your goals for next year?”  I didn’t like to admit that I hadn’t thought past ordering my starter from the menu!

You see, I am not a strategic thinker.  This is my kind of strategy: 

I think it may have something to do with never having learned to play chess, but I’m much more of a reactor.  It’s not that I have a lack of purpose; the circles are more like spirals that move on, recap, move a bit further.  I may spend longer “getting there” but I have an interesting journey and make friends along the way.

So imagine my delight when I read about Paul in Athens (Acts 17:16-34).  Here he is walking in a new city taking in the sights and sounds, chatting with people who happened to be around and reacting strongly to what he sees.  He engages in debate, quotes Greek poets, and presents an explanation for their “unknown God”.  It’s all reactive, unplanned, go with the flow.

But is this a true picture of what Paul is like, or am I making him the sort of person I would like him to be?  I’ll think a bit more about it and report back.




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