Theme 2012

3 01 2012

Olympics?  Diamond Julilee?  What’s the theme for 2012?

A theme is pervasive; it runs as an undercurrent, at times explicit, at times quietly in the background.  I’ve chosen one for this year, but first a little musical detour.

One of my favourite pieces of classical music is the third movement of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. The theme presented by the full orchestra and then restated three times – on solo oboe, clarinet and French horn, with a four-note descending bassoon. It’s then picked up by the whole orchestra and developed. You really have to listen!

So here’s my theme for this year, inspired by reading Isaiah 35. 

First, its solo statement  –

“The eyes of the blind will be opened.”

They’re my eyes. I easily lose my focus – on God, on others, on the things that matter most.  Often I choose blinkered vision so that I don’t see the needs of those around me; I ignore the difficult person, turn away from the hurting. I need to have my eyes opened.  It’s a solo.

But then there are other people’s eyes. I have friends who have no time for God, and I would like their eyes to be opened. This is not just so that they see things the way I do, but so that they discover for themselves that life really does work better when you live it God’s way.

Now, the full orchestra!  If only those with power and influence on the national and international stage would see how to use their gifts for good.  That would be a symphony!  If the piccolo misses a cue, or plays a bum note, it’s obvious and affects the whole piece and although my little tune may not count for much in the grand scheme of things, I do want to play it.  I need to maximise my peripheral vision.

Because I forget so easily, I have my theme on a label on my computer monitor so that I will have to close my eyes not to see it.

It could be an enlightening year and I’m excited and apprehensive in equal measure.  Where will my theme lead?  How will it develop? Who will harmonise with me?




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