Finding God in a life filled with noise

12 01 2012

I’ve been experimenting.  No, not growing crystals with my son’s chemistry set, but experimenting in how I read the Bible.

This is outside my comfort zone – once I have a system/method/structure, I like to stick to it, even (actually, especially) if a well-meaning onlooker tells me there is a better way.

So, my experiment – how to find God in, what Kathleen Norris calls, a life filled with noise.

I’m following the Wordlive Bible reading plan and it offers differ ways of reading.  I went for the Classic last year, but this year I’ve decided to check out Lectio Divina.  Week 1 felt a bit “om” for me.  I like the additional comments and explanations that the Classic version gives and there’s none of that with Lectio – it’s just me, the Bible, music and hopefully God. It’s been a struggle to change my patterns, but I reckon that it will do me good to get out of the familiar. 

My friend Eugene Peterson came to my rescue this week. (I don’t actually know him, but he feels like a friend because I have read so much of his writing and been helped in my thinking by it.)  He says – “Lectio divina cultivates a personal, participatory attentiveness…[it is] the fusion of the entire biblical story and my story.”

He talks about Bible reading and prayer being a conversation. 

I like that.  I like the idea of participating, not just sitting quietly.

However, there is a health warning.

If this is true, I need to read and not just shut the book, but read, think, respond, participate.  If  it’s not a serene, silent, monastic experience, the conversation must carry on in the everydayness of life – the pressure of deadlines, the demands of young children, the sadness and joys, the financial challenges, the turbulent relationships, the supermarket shopping.  I need to learn to find God in this life filled with noise.  I need to see if I can cultivate the fusion of the biblical story and my story.

Watch this space.

Buy it here

If you would like to read more about Lectio Divina, check out Eugene Peterson – Eat this book chapters 6 and 7.




2 responses

13 01 2012
Thomas (@thomasashmead)

I used the Lectio Divina a few times and really enjoyed it. However, I use it on ‘quiet’ days and it gets all forgotten about in busy periods. The struggle is definitely to continue the conversation with God when life is trying to talk over you.

13 01 2012
Moses supposes

Any hints about how you do that?

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