Mark your calendar

14 01 2012

It’s never been easier to keep track of life.  Sync your phone, your tablet, your computer and bin the diary.  There we are – sorted!

I still find it easy to forget.  Maybe not the appointments, the tasks, the meetings, but the people who matter to me.  It’s easy to be so focused on being organised that I miss the relationships.

Prayer has been a challenge this week. I have tried to be mindful – to focus on God – but I’ve felt as though I have ADHD!  In my wanderings, I’ve jumped to people and situations …but then I had another thought.  Perhaps these were the people and things that God wanted me to talk to him about.  Instead of trying to force them from my mind, I tried the other tack.  My prayers were better for it.

There’s something about remembering people that involves taking action.  It’s no good remembering in my head, praying that God will be with my friend, if I don’t make the phone call, drop an email, pop round.  So I did that too.

Then I read about God remembering.  Now, I’m sure he hadn’t forgotten the way I do, but it is as though Noah comes to the forefront of God’s mind.  Genesis tells us that Noah walked with God and enjoyed a close relationship with him (Genesis 6:9) and that God remembered him (Genesis 8:1).  When God remembered, he took action – he  protected and rescued Noah.

God remembering me – wonderful!  My prayer for this week is an echo of Job’s – “But mark your calendar to think of me again!” (Job 14:13)




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