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3 02 2012

Like I said before, the book of Joshua makes difficult reading.  I’ve been puzzling over it and found this thought in The Message. It’s as good as it gets, so rather than have my thoughts, here are Peterson’s –

“For most modern readers of Joshua, the toughest barrier to embracing the story is…kiliing everyone in the conquered cities and totally destroying all the plunder, both animals and goods.  Massacre and destruction. “No survivors” is the recurrent refrain. We look back from our time in history and think, ‘How horrible.’ But if we were able to put ourselves back in the thirteenth century BC, we might see it differently, for that Canaanite culture was a snake pit of child sacrifice and sacred prostitution, practices ruthlessly devoted to using the most innocent and vulnerable members of the community (babies and virgins) to manipulate God or gods for gain.

… the book of Joshua continues to keep us grounded in places and connected to persons: place names, personal names…What we often consider to be the subjects of religion – ideas, truths, prayers, promises, beliefs – are never permitted to have a life of their own apart from particular persons and actual places.”




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11 09 2012
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