View from the top

8 03 2012

I couldn’t have had a better day to read Ephesians chapter 1 if I had planned it! Paul starts his letter to these young believers with a mega sentence. He seems to be so lost in wonder about God that he can’t stop himself. And I have caught something of that wonder.

Today I have been to the mountaintop. No photos to prove it, but the one from my last post captures the scene. There has been fresh snow, it’s clear, bright sunshine and from the top of the mountain the everyday life of the village looks completely different. Perhaps it’s a cliche, but when you see the bigger picture, the details of life that dominated, find their proper place. It’s not that the details are insignificant, for often struggles with ill health or challenging relationships, unemployment or misunderstandings, worries about the future or regrets about the past are important parts of everyday life. However, there’s a bigger perspective that I would do well to remember. Here’s how NT Wright puts it –

“Only by understanding and celebrating the larger story can we hope to understand everything that’s going on in our own smaller stories, and so observe God at work in and through our own lives.”




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