Is that making sense to you guys?

14 03 2012

“Is that making sense to you guys?” is an expression I have heard so much in the last few days that I hear it in my sleep.  It follows an explanation from my ski instructor (infinitely patient and encouraging Paul) about what my little group of buddies are to do to improve our skiing. We all nod and say, “Yes Paul”. Then he says, “Let’s go play with that.”

I wonder if you can see the next part?  Sometimes it’s good, and the tip he has just given really does help something to click. Other times there’s carnage! But he, and we, persevere and have a lot of fun. He assures us that it is all about muscle memory and that we are becoming better skiers – get the feel; now replicate it.
Another infinitely patient and encouraging Paul, (the apostle this time) tells his little group of Ephesians buddies how to “get it” as far as living for Jesus is concerned. And the secret is seeing with the eyes of their hearts(check out Ephesians 1:18). I can hear him saying, “Is that making sense to you guys?”
Paul taps into a metaphor that runs through the Bible. The heart is where I gain understanding and make my response to God, where I “get the feel”. The Psalmist asks God to search his heart; we are asked to guard our hearts, to apply our hearts to understanding, to love God with all our hearts. Unless my heart is fully open to God I will not be able to experience the riches of faith.
And I need to practise so that I can replicate the feel. It’s not a one off understanding, but a constant playing with getting close to God, of expressing love for him, of serving other people?
 Is that making sense to you guys?



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