Thin again

17 08 2012

Trees with sunlight streaming through – the view in front of me. (I may not write much more because this is distracting in the extreme). This is a place of refuge. The solitude and solace of the Caledonian forest with only sunlight and red squirrels for company.

Some have cathedrals, some shrines, some mountains, but my thin place is right here, right now. (I’ve written before about experiencing God in Jesus – How thin is Jesus? – and while I agree with myself, I have also needed a place of refreshment and reconnection after a stressful few months. I’ve got it.) I’m thankful.

Part of my reconnection has been reading Mitch Album’s book Have a little faith. I’m wary when people say I must read something, so I won’t insist you do, but…

You will need time, an open heart, and a box of tissues.




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