About me

 Now you know the truth!  I am not Moses. I am a fifty-something Scottish granny exiled in Southampton. 

I am passionate about the legacy that I leave my grandchildren.  I want them to discover the promise that Jesus made in the first century – ” I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of” – though of course I need to be living like that myself if I am to have credibility. 

Like all good grannies, I love reading a story.  Sometimes, though, I read for information, sometimes for the pleasure of the language, sometimes to be transported to another world; sometimes for entertainment, sometimes for inspiration, sometimes because the cereal packet happens to be in front of me.
So I’ve set myself a reading challenge.  But it’s a reading challenge plus.
In his introduction to The Message version of the Bible, Eugene Peterson writes this –
“Everything in this book is live-able…We read in order to live our true selves, not just get information that we can use to raise our standard of living.  Bible reading is a means of listening to and obeying God, not gathering religious data by which we can be our own gods.”
So what of my legacy? 
Suppose I read a section of the Bible every day for a year, what impact will it make on my life?  Will I find it read-able?  Will I find it live-able?  Will I live my true self?  Will my grandchildren be inspired to find a better life than they could ever dream of?  Although I’m using WordLive to help me plan, everything I write is mine; WordLive does not endorse what I say and cannot be held responsible for my views.
PS: In between times I enjoy walking (sometimes Nordic for fitness,  sometimes a stroll in the park), tending my allotment, and being a school governor, though you really can’t beat splashing in muddy puddles…or swatting flies, chasing frogs and tasting manna!

One response

23 03 2011
Jan Carr

Judy, this is a great blog
Writing excellent, pictures perfect, layout lovely.
whole concept wonderful!

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