Oasis or mirage?

11 09 2012

There are times when we crave an oasis, not the literal desert/palm tree kind, but the place of calm and safety in the midst of troubles.

The book of Ruth comes as one such place.  It tells a beautiful story of love, commitment and faithfulness at a surprising time in Old Testament history – the time of the Judges. (Read the story here)

Ruth is an outsider –  a Moabite, an impoverished widow – and yet in her ordinariness she helps us to understand God’s story. What refreshment!  Please take time to read it.

The PS that comes at the end of the story is a delight too, as we read that Ruth becomes the great grandmother of King David and subsequently an ancestor of Jesus himself. (see Matthew 1:1-17 for the genealogy.)

Sometimes God’s purposes seem more like a mirage – illusory and beyond our understanding – but then comes the reminder in the personal stories that he is still God.

The sun still shines on a cloudy day.


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