Sealed with a kiss

30 04 2011

Yesterday’s Royal Wedding  was a great occasion and I was happy to celebrate the marriage of William and Kate. Theirs is the love story of the moment.

Great love stories touch us deeply, and one such is Song of Songs in the Old Testament.  (Was is coincidence that the WordLive planners allocated the Song of Songs to the days surrounding the royal wedding?!)  The Song is attributed to King Solomon, and so we may have another royal expression of love.

The Song proclaims an integrated picture of wedded love and sex and is “a convincing witness that men and women were created physically, emotionally, and spiritually to live in love.” (Eugene Peterson).  People have speculated that it is an allegory of the love between God and his people, or between Christ and the individual soul, but my own view is that it is a celebration of God’s good gift of sexual love.

Now back to the wedding…

One of the highlights of the service was the prayer which Prince William and his bride Catherine had written.  It expresses the love and joy that they have found in each other.  I am going to join them in making it my prayer for them.


In case this is all too serious for you, how about this for a gem – Knit your own Royal Wedding.  Buy the book on Amazon and get busy!



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